Speaking of a New Covenant

May 1, 2022    Dr. Aaron Glover

Our High Priest, Jesus, Christ, is the mediator of a New Covenant - one that is different and better than the first. When comparing the covenants, we could ask several questions: "why was a new one given?" or "how is it different?" or "what makes the new one better?"
"Why was a New Covenant given?" God revealed the fault He found with the people under the first Covenant- they could not keep it... God would have to keep a covenant for them.
"How is the New Covenant different?" Instead of external laws and rituals God would change people from the inside- changing the heart and the mind. Moreover, everyone in the New would have true knowledge of God - personal intimate fellowship with Him!
"How is the New Covenant better?" It has better promises! A better High Priest! A better sacrifice! Change from within! True fellowship with God! and much, much more!