Blood of the Covenant

Mar 6, 2022    Dr. Aaron Glover

At the Last Supper, Jesus used two elements to symbolize the NEW COVENANT: bread (His body) and wine (His blood). Both of these elements show us how He has fulfilled the role of High Priest and Prophet.

As the ultimate High Priest, Jesus gave a sacrifice greater than any other before Him -- He gave His own innocent life. His body suffered the punishment, brutalization, and torture of the cross. Through this offering of Himself and His own blood, He was able to enter into the Holy Place of Heaven and make atonement for our sins - once and for all.

As the Prophet of God, Jesus fulfilled the role that Moses foreshadowed when the Old Covenant was inaugurated by the sprinkling of animal blood. As Jesus proclaimed, the Blood of the New Covenant would be His very own.

It is this blood, the blood of Jesus, that has been sprinkled on believers - THOSE WHO LIVE BY FAITH IN CHRIST UNDER THE NEW COVENANT.