Who Am I?

“Who Am I?” It’s a simple question, with a profound answer. Because our identity is at the core and foundation of our existence, our answer to such a question is paramount. How would you answer this question to yourself, “Who am I?”

Many people think their identity is tied to their actions, accomplishments, or affiliations. Which may be come in positive forms:
  • I am a (insert career title)
  • I have done (insert a noteworthy achievement)
  • I am a member of (insert a good group)

Or it may come in negative forms:
  • I am NOT a (insert desired position)
  • I am GUILTY of (insert specific sins)
  • I am NOT ONE OF the (insert a good group)

Such statements could take virtually any form, but tying such actions, accomplishments, or affiliations to your identity is not only dangerous… it's wrong.

When God appeared to Moses in a burning bush and called him to deliver the nation of Israel from Pharaoh, Moses protested by saying, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children out of Egypt?” (Exodus 3:11). Moses objected to God's purpose and calling because he did not understand who he truly was. Moses saw himself as:
  1. A nobody - A man not worthy to deliver Israel (Exodus 3:11)
  2. Someone who wouldn’t be believed (Exodus 4:1)
  3. A poor speaker (Exodus 3:10)

Every time Moses tried to protest, God’s responses show us how He saw Moses – as the man God had chosen to deliver His people:
  1. “But I will be with you…” (Exodus 3:11)
  2. God gave Moses signs for people to believe (Exodus 4:2-9)
  3. God declares himself LORD over man’s speaking, hearing, and sight

God had given Moses a calling, but Moses tried to refuse Him based on his previous and current circumstances. Moses was defining himself as an unworthy nobody that no one would believe or even be able to listen to… Sadly, many of us (believers) do the same thing…
Many of us still find our identity in our past mistakes or failures. We deem ourselves unsuitable for God based on our shortcomings. We let the world, sin, and shame tell us who we are.

But God would say otherwise. As a believer, God would say:
  • You are a NEW CREATION in Christ, the old is dead and gone (2 Cor. 5:17)
  • You are HIS MASTERPIECE created in Christ for Good works (Eph 2:10)
  • You are a SAINT, a CITIZEN of HEAVEN, one of HIS HOUSEHOLD (Eph 2:19)
  • You are an ADOPTED child and HEIR through Jesus (Eph 1:5)

As a Christian, our identity is not found in our actions, accomplishments, or affiliations.
We are not defined by our past sins.
We are not defined by our failures.
We are not defined by this world.

As Christians, we are defined by God as His Holy, Beloved, and Redeemed children.

To answer our original question, “Who am I?”
I am Holy in Christ, I am beloved by Christ, and I am redeemed in Christ. God alone is the source of my identity and purpose. I am His.


May God richly bless you in His Son, 
Bro. Aaron