Long Before He was Born

During the month of December, churches everywhere are spending several Sundays setting the stage to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We hear about the Angel, Mary, Joseph, Mary's cousin Elizabeth, her husband Zechariah, the prophecy of John the Baptist, King Herod, the wise men, and even shepherds! -- It's an amazing story filled with incredible people.

Other than Jesus, who is the person that interests you the most in this story?
  • Maybe it’s Mary because of her willingness to be God’s servant. 
  • Maybe it’s Joseph because of his honorable behavior towards Mary. 
  • Maybe it’s the shepherds because they rush to see what the angel had proclaimed to them and then return back glorifying God.
  • Maybe it’s the wise men because they sought out Jesus and brought gifts to Him.

Again, there are so many unique people in this story.

Who interests me the most, you ask? Isaiah.

Now, technically Isaiah isn’t in the story, but his words are briefly quoted. Think how fascinating it is that a man, who lived some 700 or so years earlier, prophesied exactly how Jesus would be born! Isaiah 7:13-14 tells us how Jesus will be born, the condition of His mother, and even the family she comes from!
That prophecy alone is incredible, but Isaiah’s words about the Messiah don’t end there… 
Once we realize that the son born to a virgin and called Immanuel is Jesus, we can’t help but see Jesus in EVERY Messianic prophecy that Isaiah recorded:
  • Born to a virgin? Jesus
  • He would minister in Galilee? Jesus began there
  • He would reign on David’s throne? Gabriel told Mary
  • A forerunner would prepare His way? John the Baptist
  • God’s Spirit will rest on Him? Jesus’ baptism
  • He would be pierced and crushed? Jesus on the cross
  • He would be beaten, mocked, and spat on? Jesus’ trials and scourging
  • He would be beaten beyond recognition? Scourging would do this…
  • He would be numbered among transgressors? Jesus was crucified between two criminals
  • He would be buried in a rich man’s tomb? A rich man asked to bury Jesus body in a new tomb that belonged to him
The list goes on and on…

Long before He was born, we were told about Jesus. Isaiah told us how the Messiah would save us. He told us how the Messiah would be born, and how He would die. Isaiah’s words had people looking for a Savior, long before He was born.
It’s so fascinating that it seems impossible…

How could a man (Isaiah) predict so much about the life of another man (Jesus) who would be born 700 years later?
  1. This would be impossible on his own.
  2. But Isaiah’s prophecies were not his own; they were from God 
  3. Only God could bring all of these prophecies to fulfillment.
  4. Only the life of Jesus could fulfill all these things.

Short answer: Only God could do this.

God spoke through the prophet Isaiah and told us exactly who the Messiah would be. He spoke to us centuries ahead of time so that when the Messiah came, we would know who he was… and only one man fits the bill: Jesus.

In the weeks ahead, spend time with Isaiah and you will hear a lot about Jesus.

May God richly bless you in His Son, 
Bro. Aaron