Peace. Be Still.

As we head towards the weekend, I wanted to speak a word of blessing over each of you. Sometimes, our lives are smooth sailing, but other times we wonder if we will be able to outlast the storms. (Ironically, it’s raining very heavily while I type this, and the images of an incredible storm are not hard to picture)

Our lives can often be filled with storms that are stirred up from busy-ness, health concerns, career pressures, financial needs, political strife, or from anything else that brings the winds and rains of chaos… And at times, the deluge of difficulties can overwhelm us. Some storms seem to grow stronger by the day as we seem to grow weaker… How can we ever overcome such obstacles?

But all is not lost. Though the storm rages and our boats may be shaken, we are not lost at sea. Because of Christ Jesus, we can face the greatest of tempests victoriously.

Thunders booming, waves crashing, and winds beating against us...To those things, let us hear the words that Christ spoke over the storm that was terrorizing the disciples as they all sailed across the sea of Galilee,


What followed next was a great calm.

I want you to consider the storms in your life and hear the words of Christ, “Peace. Be still.” Then let His great calm and His peace come over you.

I pray blessings over you all in the name of Jesus and cannot wait to worship with you on Sunday morning!

Dr. Aaron George Glover