Two Words That Changed Everything

Do you ever wonder what it was like to follow Jesus as one of the disciples?

Oftentimes, I think we forget that they were just as human as we are; they got confused, frustrated, scared, angry, tired, hungry, etc. (just like all of us!) Even though they lived in a completely different time and culture, the disciples were real people with many of the same thoughts and struggles that we all have.

Think about it, they were all just going about their normal lives until they met Jesus and heard the words of His invitation, “Follow me.” Then everything changed. What was once a life of consistent and predictable difficulty, became an astonishing journey of faith. I wonder what went through their minds when they saw Jesus heal people, cast out demons, feed thousands, or debate the “religious elites” of the day….

This week, we will begin a new series entitled “Follow Me” that looks at the Gospels through the lens of the disciples. In this series we will consider several of Jesus’ miracles and teachings as if we were there with Him, seeing and hearing everything firsthand. I am so excited about this series and can’t wait to worship with you on Sunday at 10:45AM!

Dr. Aaron George Glover